Built Right Pool Heaters

Built Right Pool Heaters are made in Punta Gorda and have been designed and manufactured by a team of pool heat pump engineers and technicians.

Proud to install Pool Heaters Made in Florida

Built Right Pool Heaters | Tri-City Pools SW Florida

Built Right Pool Heaters

Built Right Pool Heat Pumps are manufactured locally in Punta Gorda, Florida. Our warranty service is provided by in house, by experienced service technicians. Most service work in the state of Florida will be provided by factory technicians within 48 hours.
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Heaters Built with Quality

Built Right Heaters are designed and manufactured by experienced pool heat pump engineers as well as experienced pool heat pump technicians. Only quality products with a superior track records are used during the production of our heaters.

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The Built Right XW series heaters are among the quietest and most efficient heaters on the market today. All our heaters use a titanium heat exchanger.

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Our superior warranty is 5 year top to bottom coverage with no parts or labor prorated for warranty repairs.

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American Built & Certified

All materials used are sourced from American suppliers. Built Right Pool Heat Pumps have been tested and certified to meet AHRI standards for BTU & COP, as well as UL safety standards.

Pool Heater Repair & Replacement

Keeping Southwest Florida’s Pool the perfect temperature since 1962

Occasionally, these systems will fail and they are difficult to repair. We will, however, first perform a complete assessment of the heater to determine if repair is possible. We will report this information to you with our recommendation.

If repair is possible, we can do the work for you quickly and get you back into your pool. If a new one is called for, we represent the finest in pool heaters with the best guarantees.

The choice of electric or gas heater is specific to your situation. Gas heaters can heat up a pool or hot tub quickly and efficiently. Electric heaters can also perform as well if properly sized for you situation. Depending on the availability of gas to your home, electric heaters can be less expensive as well.

Pool Heater Maintenance, Repairs, and Upgrades SW Florida | Tri-City Pools
Jump in the water’s exactly right!
We offer ongoing pool heater maintenance programs for a perfect swim, every time. When it’s time for a replacement we can help with that too.
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Pool Service Excellence

Our highly trained team of Pool Heater Technicians perform the services required to ensure that the work gets done right the first time.

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